Wilcox Update


MARCH Prayer Update

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you all so much for praying for us over these months! We are sorry for not having written before, but we have had issues with our laptop and a very kind young couple took it with them to the States to get it fixed and have only now got it back!!!!

Our time in Brasil in October and November was just amazing as we spent time with Miriam and Felipe and his family, it was good also to spend time with the church where they are members and helping in the the youth ministry. God is so gracious and kind and we stand amazed by what the Lord has done over that time. Our whole family was together for about a week and it was good to catch up with one another. Please pray for them as begin the process of obtaining Miriam’s Brazilian residence.

We got back to Pemba by the end of November and began to reconnect with all the people. Being mobile and having transport to be able to meet with people and serve in any way is so essential. We thank the Lord for the provision of the Toyota Surf before we went to Brasil and also the little 50cc motorbike. I had to take the red truck back to the mechanic because the motor had overheated before we went to Brasil. We have just received spare parts from South Africa so the motor was put together but immediately water was gushing out of the radiator. The mechanic has checked the head and verifies that it is all right which means that the block has a crack!!! The Lord knows how long this will take and how much it will cost. Mikaila has just received her driving license so now she will be able to share the responsibility of carrying the family around HaHaHa!!

We praise the Lord for the rains that are falling which are moderate and not causing flooding but very good for the farming, not like in other years where the people suffered very much through the washing away of houses and destroyed crops.

Debbie has been kept very busy with the children’s schooling, ministering to various women that she has brought to the Lord and is discipling on a one on one basis, as well as reaching to others who need to come to the Lord Jesus and be saved. One of the greatest needs here is the rising up of the local believers to share the Gospel with their neighbours and able to bring them to Jesus. There is such a hunger for the Lord but few people who have a heart and able to interact with the them with a practical love of Jesus - meeting their small needs, praying for the sick, speaking Words of Life, and bringing them to Jesus. Please pray for us as we need the Grace of the Lord as we try and help the people to do this.

In October last year the senior pastor of the iris group of churches of Province of Cabo Delgado passed away from sickness which left the local pastors lost as to how to go forward with evangelism province wide and discipling the new believers through out the province. I have been meeting with the core group of pastors weekly laying foundations of servant leadership and strategies to equip the believers to minister, encourage one another in the Word of God and share the Gospel. Please pray for all of us as we need wisdom, revelation and understanding.

I also have begun a discipleship program to train a Mozambican brother to teach the Bible in seminars. We want to establish a program of teaching seminars through out the province to lay biblical foundations in all the local churches. We want to raise up people who are not pastors but brothers who have a gift of teaching. This small encounter with one brother has grown to 7 people each Monday afternoon! And on Fridays we are meeting with them and others in the neighbourhood to share the Gospel, show short discipleship films, pray for the sick and disciple the people. God is so Good! And He is able to touch people’s hearts and bring salvation to them and set them free from their afflictions. God is gradually opening up villages and districts through pastors that are coming to me with hunger and vision to share the gospel and disciple their people. These are such wonderful opportunities to be able to train the people in the process and release the believers to bring their neighbour and families to Jesus.

Please be praying for me as I plan two trips - one to Zambezia Province and one to Lichinga in Niassa Province. The one to Zambezia is happening the end of this month. It will be a 3 day conference that will be for hundreds of believers and leaders gathering together teaching, encouragement and fellowship. The Lichinga trip will be to get documents for Antoinette for her to be able to apply for her permanent DIRE. Also
follow-up the mozambican leadership that is caring for the Village of Joy children’s center. We want to listen to them, minister to them and encourage them. The other thing I need to do there is to buy a 300 watt solar panel to put on top of the Water tank that will be able to provide sufficient energy to power the control panel that powers the submersible pump so the 2 houses on the property can have water again. At the moment they are using bucket to get water from old wells. Elias just arrived yesterday and will be accompanying me on these journeys. What a Blessing!!

Today I was able to finish translating into English the Portuguese version of the Leadership manual that I had written for the mozambican church some years ago. Different countries in Africa and South East Asia have been asking for it so that was why I had to translate it into English. Now that is finished I will be dedicating myself to writing a manual on worship. Please pray for me that the Lord will guide me as I write. It is for His Glory and for His people.

Please keep praying for our health. Jemima has had malaria twice this past month and we had to take her in again the other day, but praise the Lord the blood test came out negative and the analysis says that everything in her blood is ok.

Thank you all so much for praying for us and for those who have given financially thank you also. We are deeply grateful.

In His Love and Grace,
Peter Wilcox