Is It Well With Your Soul?

For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?  Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?Mark 8:36,37

In the world in which we live, we give most of our attention to satisfying the appetites of the body and nowhere near enough to the soul.  We have given in to the short-term view, happy with a quick fix, or satisfied to have that temporary relief and pleasure.  When did it happen that we placed more importance on the natural rather than the spiritual?  That our eyes are no longer on the long-term view, the health of our soul, which is going to be the thing that determines our eternal future.  Is it well with your soul?

If our focus is on gaining the whole world, looking at the natural rather than the spiritual, consequently, we are one-sided and may find ourselves out of balance. We become fat physically and materially, while spiritually we are lean and weak.

The soul actually demands much attention. It needs fellowship and communion with God. It demands worship and quietness.  It requires for us to be idle and spend time with Him so that we might know that He is our God (Ps 46:10).

Unless the soul is fed and exercised daily, it becomes weak and will not grow and be healthy. It becomes discontented, confused and restless. Many people turn to various things to satisfy their souls but in the end, without God, all is lost and that hollow, unsatisfied feeling remains.

Nothing but God can ever completely satisfy your soul, because the soul was made by God, for God, and without Him it is restless.  Nothing is worth enough to give away or exchange your soul for.  Your soul is priceless!

My prayer for you today is that as your soul cries out to God, that He would be there and that from today on-wards it would be well with your soul.

Ps. Adrian

Adrian Olney