Response of the Heart

My last journal was about having a forgiving heart. For our Heavenly Father to forgive us, we need to forgive others.  Sobering thought.  Because of the fallen world we live in, if there is forgiveness then there must exist unforgiveness and vice versa.  Is forgiveness your usual response?

The response of our heart, whether that be by words or action, provides a challenge for each of us every day.  To respond means to…say something in reply to or to do something as a reaction to someone or something.

In Matt 13, the parable of the sower is told by Jesus. It is a very well-known parable.  Often times, when we have heard something before, we either don’t pay attention, listen or really think about it much.  Let me remind you - this parable is about the response of our heart and bearing fruit.  It involves how we respond to the Lord or react to those things that happen around us.

Our response, to a large extend, determines whether we are producing good fruit or bad fruit.  Let us be the person who hears the word and understands it, where the seed is sown in good ground.

Do you need to remove some rocks, or stony ground from your life to allow them to be replaced with good soil? How about those thorns that are choking the living daylights out of you?  Take some time on YOU…it’s ok.  Spend some quality time with the Lord this week and ask Him to do some garden maintenance.

God wants you to be producing fruit. The response of our heart will determine what kind of fruit, and how much fruit, we produce. 

Let the response of your heart be such that it is like the sower who went out to sow and the seed fell on good ground, there was good soil where the seed could take root, get established, grow up, withstand the different seasons that come against it, hold off trials and persecution, stand tall when the heat is on and things get too hot, doesn’t allow the cares and pressures of the world to suck the life out……and produces fruit.

Ps. Adrian

Adrian Olney