Out Of The Storm

Then they willingly received Him into the boat and immediately the boat was at the land where they were going.  John 6:21

The disciples of Jesus had rowed out to sea three of four miles and found themselves in the midst of a storm.  Jesus came to them walking on the water and they were afraid.  It is interesting to see what happened once they knew who He was and after Jesus got into the boat.

How many times have you found yourself caught in the midst of a storm?  Being caught in the middle of a situation that was out of your control and feeling like the wind and waves would overwhelm you…not a great feeling and at those times often we can be afraid.

Verse 21 says that the disciples willingly received Jesus into the boat.  That has to be our first step in our storm – to receive Jesus into our lives, into our situation and difficult circumstances.

After the disciples had allowed Jesus into the boat, immediately, or suddenly, they found themselves out of the storm and on the land at the place where they were going.  Wow, I would like a ‘suddenly’ like that sometimes!

Are you looking for a ‘suddenly’ in your life right now?  The only advice I can give you, to see you come through your storm, is for you to accept Jesus into your situation.  You may just find that the storm ceases or that you find yourself on the land and out of the storm.  But if that ‘suddenly’ doesn’t happen immediately, at least you no longer need to be afraid of the storm because you have Jesus with you, right there in the boat with you.

I pray that you willingly accept Him into your situation – and let’s see what happens.  Be blessed.

Ps. Adrian

Adrian Olney