WOW Moments

Last Sunday we heard a great message from Monette Jacks on ‘Moments in Time’.  That, with God, every moment in time is a wonderful moment.

Have you ever had a WOW moment?  One of those moments that really takes your breath away and takes you by surprise.  Take a second or two to think of a WOW moment you have experienced.

There are many things that can produce one of those WOW moments, but sometimes things happen that we don’t see as WOW moments at all.  From our point of view, in that moment in time, what is happening can’t be in God’s plan…can it?

Say WOW to yourself.  Now say it backwards.  Sounds the same doesn’t it.  Our moment in time is determined by which way we look at it.  I’m not saying that every moment feels like a WOW moment, but that it is one.  With God, every moment is a WOW moment.

We can easily identify a WOW moment when something good happens; but I don't think I have ever seen it the other way, the way the Lord sees it.  We have all been through many valleys in our lives and I am sure we’ll go through many more, but I have never really chosen to see them as WOW moments.

The backwards WOW is really a much bigger moment.  Faith is required much more when things don't turn out as we had hoped or planned.  Many times we fall into the exact opposite of faith and begin to feel disappointed and discouraged.  

Today, as with any other day, may not bring the result we wanted but God's ways are not our ways.  Let us continue to trust that He will finish the work He has begun in each one of us (Phil 1:6).

Heb 11:1 says…’Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.’  The enemy always wants to lead us into hopelessness or out of our faith.  Stay hopeful even though the situation may seem to be just the opposite of what you would think God wanted and realise that, "WOW, what a mighty God we serve"!

Ps. Adrian

Adrian Olney