Today is Anzac Day.  It is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in all wars and the contribution and suffering of all those who have served.  We honour and remember the soldiers who stormed the beaches at Gallipoli in 1915 during WW1.

The willing sacrifice made by so many men and women during the war allows us to live today in relative freedom.  They didn’t just give up their life, no, they laid it down for you and I, for their families and the generations to follow.  The impact of their sacrifice and death still grips our hearts more than 100 years later.

It is something we remember, but how on earth could we really understand or comprehend what they went through, what they gave up, to fight for our freedom?

Jesus came to earth the seek and to save those which were lost.  He came knowing that He would be ridiculed and rejected, slandered and sacrificed.  Jesus was willing to lay down His life for you and I years before we were born, yet His sacrifice is as real today as the moment in time, over 2000 year ago, that it happened.  The impact is still being felt generation after generation.

We have the chance to live in freedom because of the sacrifice that Jesus made.  He knew you before the foundation of the world and wants to know you personally today.  All we need to do is believe on Him and accept the sacrifice He made for us all.

Lest We Forget.

Ps. Adrian

Adrian Olney