Glory To His Name

I have heard it asked many times…where is my place in the Body of Christ?  That question is really only trying to fulfill our needs, not that of our Heavenly Father.  Our own human need to be accepted and have purpose cries out.

Last Sunday Ps. Graham spoke to us from John 12 where Jesus describes that for us to live, we must first die.  A grain of wheat must fall to the ground and die for it to produce much grain.  For us to produce something from our life we must first be willing to lose it and die to self.

Jesus was willing to lay down His life to fulfil the will of the Father.  His purpose was to bring glory to the Fathers Name.  He is our example.

Let me encourage you.  If you are struggling with who you are or what you are doing with your life, please take a big breath, stop and spend a moment to think about who you are living for—is it God or yourself?  Don’t make it too complicated or over think it.  I pray that you come to realise that you have a wonderful purpose in God, that is to live for Him, and who you are is found in Him.

Your purpose in life, like that of Jesus, is to bring glory to God.  Whether you do something big or small, whatever it may be, if it is bringing glory to His Name then you are fulfilling your purpose and have found your place.

May we bring glory to His Name.

Ps. Adrian

Brianna Fitzgerald