Encouraging Your Walk

I would like to encourage you all in your walk with the Lord.  We heard last Sunday how God loves it when we draw close to Him.  He is wanting a personal relationship with us.  Isn't that an incredible thought...the Creator, our Saviour, God of the universe longs to commune with us.

We are living in a constantly changing world and as each day passes our faith will be tested.  We will need to know what we believe to be able to stand our ground in these last days.  The only way for us to be able to do that is through His strength, not our own, by knowing Him and His Word more than ever.

Read the Bible, study it and pray.  Seek the Lord, He is waiting for you!

See you on Sunday as we gather together to worship Him and continue our series on the Tabernacle of Moses - entering into His presence within the veil.

Ps. Adrian